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Jesus calls you out of your old life.  That might look like dropping your nets, quitting your job and following Him.  But chances are that it will be more gradual.  He changes little things.  He points out the old life, calls you out, and gives you new life.  That happens in little ways all the time.

Sometimes it is easy to get frustrated because we aren’t in the promised land yet.  The hashtag is one way that we can celebrate the victories as they come.  They may seem little to some people, but in you, maybe a battle was won that needs to be celebrated.  It needs to be remembered.  Out loud.  Publicly.  So that you can look back and remember and to encourage others with what God is doing in you.

So tweet.  Get a twitter account and post updates.  Include the hashtag #livenew.  Give Him some glory, publicly, for how He has worked in your life.