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Because deciding to change and actually changing are drastically different.  How many times have we decided that we were going to stop, going to start, that things would be different this time and then they aren’t.  How many times?  We can’t count that high.

We need help.  We were never supposed to fix ourselves.  If we think we can, our view of self is way too big.  But more than that, our view of the Holy Spirit is way too small.  Way.  Too.  Small.

We aren’t able.

He is able.


We need experiments because no one is standing in front of us, telling us to wake up and proceeding to love us with a generous left hook.

We need experiments because we seriously lack discipline.

Each day there is a different experiment rooted in scripture, not just reading it, but allowing it to read us, call us out, and give us new life.

We need experiments because we have settled for comfortable.  Experiments mess with normal.  Experiments challenge what isn’t changing.

So experiment.  See what happens.

It may be the pivot point of your life.